The Company provides such services as designer supervision, construction control and maintenance of project documentation, and a number of additional services at the customer’s request.

Designer supervision

  • Daily selective control over the construction of buildings and structures
  • Selective control over the quality and observance of the standard operating procedures related to ensuring the reliability, strength and durability of structures
  • Informing the customer about untimely and substandard implementation of the supervising designer's instructions, for taking prompt action to eliminate the revealed deviations from the working documentation and violations of the requirements of normative documents
  • Implementation of working documentation in the course of construction
  • Analysis of the estimated cost of works and solutions offered during the construction process

Construction control

Construction control by an attracted developer or customer based on an agreement with the Customer

Maintenance of design documentation

  • Expert review of design documentation in the RF State Expert Evaluation Department (Glavgosekspertiza)
  • Maintenance of design documentation until its approval in the expert review

Other documents stipulated by the federal law, which may be required for the design or commissioning of the facility:

  • Implementation of complex technological calculations of harmful emissions
  • Development and approval of the layout of sanitary protection areas
  • Declaration of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities
  • Established working conditions of employees. Operation and production control
  • Utilities monitoring system (UMS)
  • Project specific technical specifications (PSTS)

Technical assistance during tender procedures

Technical assistance during tender procedures for contractors, equipment and supplies of materials under relevant contracts.

Technical assistance during technical stock take

Technical assistance during technical stock take of real estate objects and when drawing up title documents to ensure enhancement of the Developer's assets.