Personnel development

NLMK Engineering's system of continuous training enables constant improvement of the employees’ knowledge and expertise.

In 2018, more than 50% or 303 employees received training, of which there were 175 top managers, 123 white-collar workers, and 5 blue-collar workers. Further training and education was hosted by industry-specific educational centres and other educational institutions. The cost of employee training amounted to ca. 7.9 million rubles.


have completed professional trainings since 2014

  • Evaluation training and certification in the sphere of occupational safety
  • Skill improvement programmes for all types of professional activity
  • Talent pool development

Number of employees who received training since 2014, main areas of education

Year Number of employees who received training
2014 86
2015 205
2016 163
2017 315
2018 303

Educational seminars

A number of specialized seminars were developed for the managers and employees. For example, ‘Total Management System’ was developed with the involvement of Toyota Engineering Corporation to enhance the skills of NLMK Group's managers. For advanced training of deputy chiefs of shops, facilities, executives and specialists specialized seminars were developed i.e. "Perspective development of process control system based on Lean, 6 Sigma, TPM" and "Total equipment operation system" and others.

Shaping and training of the talent pool

Talent Pool focuses on the members of the staff, who have passed certain tests and qualify as high potential employees who have the required capacity to perform the duties of their immediate leader.

  • Employees included in the talent pool take additional training for the position in the pool.
  • Employees from talent pool enjoy:
    • Development courses
    • Training in higher and secondary educational institutions at the expense of the Company
    • Pre-training and certification
    • Internship in the capacity they are qualified for

High potential employees programmes

The Company has a "Programme of development activities for NLMK's high potential youth", which helps to use the potential of promising young professionals to address the strategic goals of the Company and gives them individual opportunities for personal professional development.

Professional mentoring

Professional mentoring is a most important stage of new employees training; it allows keeping and sharing professional knowledge. Mentors from among the heads of departments and shift supervisors assist their mentees in navigating their professional environment. Under the guidance of their mentors, employees receive training and participate in workshops in educational centres. At the end of the year, the plant determines the best mentor as part of Mentor of the Year competition.

PC training systems

For the employees to practice their action in different occupational set ups including contingency situations the plant has been using computer simulators since 2009. Based on the original software, the training system allows you to simulate various processes, and covers more than 40 metallurgical and related specialities. In 2015, over 1,400 employees took training using the simulator.

Professional competitions

To identify and give an impetus to the most promising and effective employees and to form NLMK's corporate culture there are regular competitions of professional skills "Best in Profession", "Master of the Year", "Engineer of the Year", "Young Leader", "The Best Mentor”. Over 2.3k employees participated in the competitions in 2015. In 2015, NLMK organized the first in Lipetsk region open championship of welders according to WorldSkills Russia procedure. The professional assessment of each of the 12 competitors was entered in a national database.