Design and survey works

NLMK Engineering develops design and working documentation for capital construction facilities of any complexity.

Capital construction facilities

  • Integrated design of industrial facilities
  • Integrated design of civil facilities
  • Development of engineering documentation for non-standard equipment

Infrastructure facilities

  • Development and maintenance of master layouts
  • Power supply networks, facilities and structures
  • Power generation networks, facilities and structures
  • Networks, facilities and structures of communication, alarm and CCTV systems
  • Development of process control systems
  • Environmental facilities, systems and structures
  • Automobile roads and railways

Special sections of design documentation

  • Environmental measures
  • Construction master plan
  • Demolition and dismantling master plan
  • Engineering and technical measures of civil defence, mitigation of emergencies
  • Fire safety measures
  • Fire extinguishing, fire alarm and warning systems
  • Automated utilities monitoring system

Pre-project works

  • Design basis and criteria
  • Development of main project solutions
  • Engineering surveying:
    • topographical survey
    • geological survey
    • environmental survey
    • hydrometeorological survey
  • Full product specifications for energy carriers and electricity supply

Use of ionizing radiation sources

  • Arrangement of ionizing radiation sources, designing of radiation protection for ionizing radiation sources
  • Operation of radiation sources: execution of works and services for operating organizations

Inspection of engineering structures, buildings and facilities

  • Visual inspection of building structures and detection of defects and damages on the surface with the necessary measurements and their documentation
  • Detailed (instrumental) inspection:
    • Measurement of the necessary geometric parameters of buildings, structures, their elements and units, including with the use of geodesic instruments
    • Instrumental sizing of defects and damages
    • Determination of the actual strength characteristics of materials of the main load-bearing structures
    • Measurement of the parameters of the operational environment inherent in the technological process of the building (structure)
    • Determination of actual operational loads and impacts borne by the surveyed structures taking into account the influence of deformations in the ground base
    • Definition of the real design scheme of the building and its individual structures
    • Equilibrium models for load-bearing structures that take operational loads
    • Calculation of load-bearing capacity of structures based on inspection results
    • Analysis of the causes of defects and damages in structures
    • Drawing up a final document (a report) with conclusions on the results of the inspection
    • Development of recommendations for ensuring the required strength and deformability of structures
      • Assessment of the categories of technical condition of load-bearing structures, buildings and structures, including ground base
      • Registration and issue of a report based on the results of the inspection (text and graphic content).