Engineering management

NLMK Engineering has implemented a design time and cost management system. Innovative approaches to project management have been developed on the basis of corporate internal standards in order to improve the efficiency of business process management.

The project management technology has combined a System of design performance standards (Performance system) and a Project Management IT System (PMIS). Integration of the two systems ensures a single information space for planning and control over the implementation of projects.

Integration of the Performance system with PMIS creates a detailed design schedule for new facilities, which includes:

  • Estimation of design complexity, duration and schedules to a high precision;
  • Operational control over the projects and reporting from PMIS on actual labour intensity of completed design projects;
  • Calculation of design costs based on the Labour intensity book to compare it with the costs calculated in accordance with the Reference Book for Benchmark Design Works Prices aiming to determine the optimal contractual design cost for the Customer.

Effects from the implementation of the system as planned by the year-end 2017:

  • <5% deviation of actual labour intensity from the planned one for all new design objects
  • 2-3% reduction of design times