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Reconstruction of mixer section in BOF Shop No. 2

Driven by an increase in BOF Shop No.2 output to 2 to 8.2 mtpa the reconstruction project planned for two additional pig iron pouring areas. Before the reconstruction, the mixer section was one of major sources of graphite emissions. An increase in the number of tapping sites would lead to an increase in the technogenic load on the atmosphere. To reduce the burden on the environment, it was planned to install new covers for the pouring areas and install a new gas-dust treatment unit.

To clean the exhaust gas coming from the pouring areas, a new dedusting system was designed and installed, which allows to reduce the formation of iron oxide emissions.

The environmental effect of this initiative was a decrease in the residual dust content of the gas from 150 mg / Nm3 (before reconstruction) to 5 mg / Nm3 (after reconstruction) and a 40% reduction in gross dust emissions (mainly graphite).