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NLMK Lipetsk: Reconstruction of Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line No.1

HDGL-1 Zinc plating and subsequent cooling section

Project target:

  • Increase the capacity of Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line No. 1 to 0.5 mtpa.
  • The facility is unique in terms of a wide range of processed steels. Reconstruction of HDGL-1 is a unique project in the Company’s history of in terms of lead-time and scope. It took 90 days to install new process equipment, reconstruct the furnace part, and install a new automated control system. In addition to output growth, the renovation of HDGL-1 will also allow a 25% reduction in natural gas consumption, a 15% reduction in electricity consumption and a 30% reduction in emissions.
  • The output of HDLG-1 increased by 30% to 0.5 mtpa; the total capacity of NLMK Lipetsk to produce HDG steel for the construction, automotive, and ‘white goods’ sectors, as well as for further use in the production of pre-painted steel, has increased by 11% to 1.25 million tonnes.