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A pioneer in modern Russian steelmaking

Construction of Blast Furnace No.7 complex with a working volume of 4,290 m3.

Blast Furnace No.7 is the first facility of its kind in the history of modern Russia. Lipetsk Gipromez was the general designer, coordinating the work of 23 design organizations.

Project target:

Cover the needs of BOF plants in pig iron to achieve a 12.4 mtpa steel output at the Lipetsk site.

The BF-7 project included a series of solutions aimed at ensuring high energy efficiency, increased labour productivity, and reduced specific fuel consumption in pig iron production. The pulverized coal injection technology as well as an increased temperature of hot blasting reduce coke consumption. Natural gas is saved by heating the combustion air with the heat of the exhaust gases from the air heaters. Copper staves are used to cool the BF-7 casing. The staves are fed through a closed loop from the chemical water treatment station.

Secondary gases from BF-7 are utilized at the recovery co-generation plant, which, in addition to generating electric power, provides heat energy to the site of Blast Furnace Shop No.2.