We understand the concept of responsible leadership as:

  • High quality design services

    High quality design services


    • Optimal design and engineering solutions (price/quality/time);
    • No redesigning;
    • No claims from the Customer

  • Minimum lead time

    Minimum lead time


  • Accurate cost estimations

    Accurate cost estimations


  • Competitive pricing

    Competitive pricing


  • Sergey Znamenshchikov

    Head of Design Engineering Department

    "Working for NLMK for me is an opportunity for self-fulfilment and constant learning, getting new knowledge and experience"

  • Yuliya Vasilieva

    Blast Furnace Department

    "I am proud to work for NLMK Engineering! "

  • Evgeniy Chekryzhov

    Chief Process Engineer of Quality and Expertise Department

    "NLMK-Engineering is a team of high-quality design engineers and designers."

  • Pavel Filonov

    Chief Expert of Dedusting and Industrial Ventilation, Power Department

    "A dynamically developing company gives an opportunity to fully tap on my creative and professional potential for achieving common goals and overall success of the company."

  • Igor Dedyukhin

    Chief Expert of Construction Department

    "NLMK Engineering gives me a unique opportunity to learn new cutting-edge design techniques and thus be one step ahead of time."

  • Kirill Saprin

    Head of Automatic Control System Department

    "NLMK Engineering enables lifelong learning, cultivates a creative approach to solving various tasks, as well as provides a unique and interesting experience of interaction with foreign customers."

  • Ekaterina Kotyukova

    CRM Development

    "CRM is a dynamic, specific field of activity, covering all business processes of the Company and proceeding in close contact with regional, Russian and foreign companies."

  • Sergey Raev

    Chief Expert of Blast furnace Department

    "My work is labour of love, which is made of a lot of plans and projects, implementation and development of professional skills, interesting business trips, wonderful colleagues, and a decent salary. Each blast furnace is unique. "

  • Andrey Sukhobaev

    Chief Engineer, Steelmaking

    "NLMK Engineering is not just another NLMK Group's subdivision; it is a vector."

  • Maxim Moiseev

    BIM Manager of Design Process Development Department

    "Seamless integration into the structure of NLMK Group enables close work with the main customer and fully realizes the professional potential of NLMK Engineering."

  • Sergey Chvilev

    Head of Power Department

    "NLMK Engineering gives me the opportunity to think, act, develop to the level of the most up-to-date engineering companies."

  • Larisa Saenko

    Chief Project Engineer of Logistics and General layout

    "I am proud to work for NLMK Engineering."

  • Pavel Bobylev

    Head of Management Processes Development Department

    "Innovations at NLMK Engineering, the use of IT solutions and best practices not only constitute a new approach to design services."

  • Konstantin Alyavdin

    Chief Project Engineer of Sintering and Blast furnace facility

    "NLMK Engineering fosters the ability to preserve the best and develop new in a dynamically changing design environment"

  • Roman Yushkov

    BIM Manager of Design Process Development Department

    "NLMK Engineering today gives opportunities to achieve a qualitatively new level."

  • Roman Vakulenko

    Production system specialist

    "To be => To do => To have!"

  • Sergey Ivanov

    Head of Equipment Department

    "Changes in the Company always make way for new opportunities for all employees without exception."

  • Dmitriy Leonenko

    Chief Project Engineer of Power Production facility

    "JSC NLMK-Engineering is an open look to the future with the support of a half-century of design experience."